14th Meeting of the Steering Committee of COSCAP-NA

SC14 Agenda vf.pdf

Final participant list.pdf

SC14_DP2 Programme Progress Report vf.pdf

SC14_DP3 Safety Team Reporting vf.pdf 

SC14_DP4 Work Plan vf1.pdf 

SC14_DP5 Contributions and Budget vf2.pdf 

SC14_DP6 ICAO SSP  SMS vf.pdf 

SC14_DP7 USOAP CMA vf.pdf 

SC14_DP9 COSCAP Alignment with the GASP Priorities and Targets  New Working Arrangements _Final.pdf 

SC14_DP8 Resource Sharing IFAPM vf.pdf 

SC14_IP1 Review of Conclusions from 13th SCvf.pdf 

SC14_IP2 FPP COSCAP PBN Implementation vf.pdf 

SC14_IP3 Aeronautical Information Managementvf.pdf 

Presentation - Airbus COSCAP-NA_2014.pdf 

Presentation - COSCAP_NA UAS_China_2014.pdf 

Presentation - COSCAP_NA_AIS_CAAM_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP_NA_CAST 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP_NA_risk management_in_operational control 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_SC_14 DP3.pdf  

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_SC14_DP4 vf.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_SC14_DP5 Contributions and Budget vf.pdf 

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_14SC DP6 SSP SMS vf.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_14SCM_DP7_CMA vf.pdf 

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_14SC DP8 Resource Sharing.pdf 

Presentation - COSCAP-NA SCM14 DP-9 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_ Transport Canada_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_CDFA_in_China_Southern_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_Contracting of continuing airworthiness management tasks_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_FAO Surveillance Program ROK_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_FS training system_CAAC 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_ICAO Updates 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_IP2 - RSO-FPP 2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_Loss COMM_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_new air navigation technology application in caac_2014.pdf

Presentation - COSCAP-NA_operational_risk_control 2014.pdf

Presentation Boeing COSCAP-NA 2014 FDA.pdf 



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