Хөл бөмбөгийн тэмцээн боллоо

2018 оны ТХНҮА-ны ҮЭ Хорооны аврага шалгаруулах хөлбөмбөгийн аврага шалгаруулах тэмцээн болж өндөрлөлөө.

2016, 2017 оны тайлангийн хурал болно

2016, 2017 оны  

Мэдээллийн самбартай боллоо

ТХНҮА-ны ҮЭ Хороо 2018 оны 3-р сард мэдээллийн самбартай болж ТХНҮА-ны 1-р давхарт байршуулж ашиглаж эхэллээ.    

Methods to Composing an Instructional Research Proposal

Methods to Composing an Instructional Research Proposal Creating while in the person that is second could be an enjoyable although complicated solution to publish any kind of plot or a tale. Rather than reading about the experiences of someone else, the second-person narrative’s reader is placed into the account. Along with an innovative solution to compose a tale, second person narrative can also be utilized in educational publishing as well as in interactive reports and [...]

What Are Aspects in An Investigation Paper

Sooner or later I dont concur with the statement, it does advise the public regarding the http://thesaurusessay.com/ advantages and disadvantages of unguarded sex but it also deprives the brains of the students using their innocence. It stirs the students attention that presses them to venture in intercourse. For example a 9-12 year old baby, enjoying exterior along with his buddies or observing cartoons may divert because of his maturation stage in unguided intercourse as a [...]


Even though creating is a fairly typical homework within the schools, colleges and universities, students aren’t normally cozy with composing an good article that might guide them all to find great grades or appeal to their numerous teachers. It is clear the pupils have to be experienced in a good deal of significant element of writing so as to prepare a premium essay. Scarcely any students could possibly afford to forfeit these 2 on one [...]

Could I have the respect Respect communities and school admissions (Part 2)

The-World War Two age was a time of change. There have been several scientific advancements during this time. These advances might be grouped into three types. They’re automobile advances weapon advances, and advances that are organizing. This technology might alter the facial skin of battle forever. Firearm developments, the first category, is actually a category. Leading up to the struggle, tools were adjusting constantly. Weapons of War One were out of date. These became effective [...]

Tips about Producing an Investigation Paper

You need to only fill within the form with the right demands in addition to our professional staff of greatest article writers will finish off! CustomWritings is the leading company in the place of various kind of writing related to many subjects of instruction with over 720 specialist on-line composition authors. We’ve got authors, who are experts in their own unique place study. We’re a cohesive staff of professional writers which are excited to utilize [...]

eLearning Online websites For Educators To Apply Within The New Semester

eLearning Online websites For Educators To Apply Within The New Semester After the new period starts, you will have to intrigue your young people making use of a fresh method and new methods which will encourage them to find out more.

Very best Very creative Article writing Prompts – what for those who Select?

Very best Very creative Article writing Prompts – what for those who Select? You end up with improved at any technique as a result of procedure, and creative coming up with prompts are the best way to employ posting.



Та гишүүнээр элсэх үү?

Үйлдвэрчний эвлэлийн гишүүнээр элсэхэд ҮЭ-н гишүүний маягт, 1 хувь цээж зураг хэрэгтэй.
ҮЭ-ын гишүүний маягтыг татаж авах

Гэрээ, дүрэм журам

Иргэний нисэхийн ерөнхий газар, түүний харьяа байгууллагуудад 2011-2012 онд хэрэгжүүлэх хамтын гэрээ байгуулагдлаа. Хамтын гэрээг татах